Common name: Swiss Cheese Plant, Cheesy

Essential care:

I like bright spaces but to be kept out of direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure to direct light may burn and scorch my leaves. I enjoy weekly watering’s, water me frequently in summer and please avoid water logging. Allow my soil to dry out between watering’s, especially during the winter – when you might only need to water me fortnightly. Frequent misting will make me very happy. I will thrive in a warm – humid space and will benefit from having a monthly feed from spring to autumn. 

General Care:

Use a moss pole to support my quick growing leaves. I produce aerial roots which operate in the same way as roots underground. To stop them drying out, push them back into compost or tie them carefully onto the supporting moss pole. You can easily propagate me in water from a stem and leaf cutting, make sure you cut below a node on the stem. Yellowing of my leaves can occur by overwatering, especially in summer. Brown edges or tips appear if the air or compost is too dry. 


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Please note this image is for illustration purposes, every plant will be unique to this image; their size, colour and shape may vary but they all have plenty of personality! 

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