Common name: Snakeskin

Essential Care: 

I enjoy bright light but please avoid direct sunlight, North or East facing windows will suit me best. Too much light will burn my leaves! I thrive in warm temperatures, an ideal spot for me would be a bathroom or terrarium. Water me with tepid water, keeping my compost damp but not soggy. If you let me dry out too much my leaves will go limp (I’ll let you know when I’m thirsty!). After thorough watering I will perk back up again.

I will thrive in humid environments, by misting me frequently or leaving in a bathroom. Another way to increase humidity is grouping several humidity-loving plants together, creating a microclimate. I am non-toxic and pet-friendly.

General Care:

Pinch out new growth to keep me bushy. Yellowing of my leaves tells you I’ve been overwatered and shrivelled leaves means the air is too dry or sun scorched.


Our plants come accompanied with a care card so you will have no problems looking after your new friend.

Please note this image is for illustration purposes, every plant will be unique to this image; their size, colour and shape may vary but they all have plenty of personality! 

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