Common name: Prayer Plant 

Essential Care: 

I enjoy medium, indirect sunlight but also tolerate low light levels too. Water me weekly, allow my topsoil to dry out before watering. Water me less frequently during winter months to avoid overwatering and root rot. I love to be in humid environments, I can be misted often, kept in a bathroom or next to plenty of other plant friends.  

General Care:

If I have yellowing leaves and burnt tips it suggests I’ve been scorched by direct sunlight or my water contains high levels of fluoride. Sad, drooping leaves which turn brown and curl up suggest I’m thirsty and dry. I am non-toxic and pet-friendly.


Our plants come accompanied with a care card so you will have no problems looking after your new friend.

Please note this image is for illustration purposes, every plant will be unique to this image; their size, colour and shape may vary but they all have plenty of personality! 

If you have any issues with your plant, please get in touch with us, we’re happy to help.

They are all able to be gift wrapped and can include a handwritten card upon request. Please find these in ‘The Gift Shop’ section of the website and add your chosen design to your basket. At the checkout add your gift message. Local delivery available, more information is available at the checkout.


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